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Here at bibliobibuli, Kelli works with agents, authors, editors, publishers, and other literary types to help make their publishing dreams come true—by publishing the best books and literature possible.

Kelli brings to each project years of experience in the publishing industry—as a bookseller, as an editor, as an agent. She knows what agents, editors, and publishers—and readers—are looking for in today’s crowded bookshelves. From concept to development to publication, Kelli offers a variety of services, working with each individual client to develop a unique needs-based assessment of exactly which services will help achieve the right publishing goals.

acquisitionsforgotten sacrifice
Kelli works with publishers large and small to help them build their publishing programs by sourcing new projects, finding new authors, and developing new book ideas. One of her core strengths includes identifying gaps in publishing programs and targeting new projects with high potential, helping publishers fill-out their publishing lists with winning titles.

book doctoring
breakthrough challengeSome authors reach a point in their writing journey where they become stuck. Some submit manuscripts to their publishers that could use some TLC. Kelli works with authors, in-house editors, and publishers to fix those otherwise unfixable manuscripts that have potential but need some love and attention.

i have a strategybook proposal development
Kelli works with authors to help them turn ideas into winning book proposals, pitches, query letters, and synopses, helping them develop their projects into viable packages by crafting the right title, subtitle, sales handle, table of contents, and other key elements that attract the attention of in-house editors and publishers.

contract review and negotiation
contractAlthough not a lawyer, Kelli has reviewed and negotiated hundreds of publishing and agency agreements. First-time authors can easily become stumped when navigating their initial contracts, seeing for the first time all sorts of publishing-industry legalese that reads like a bunch of gobbledygook. Kelli works with authors to review publishing and/or agency agreements, explain key terms, identify sections that could be negotiated in the author’s favor, and even negotiate on the author’s behalf.

editingdel vecchio jacobs
Whether your manuscript needs a light copy edit or a deep developmental edit, Kelli can work with you to polish your work and get it ready for publication. Kelli works closely with individual authors, acquisitions editors, production managers, and publishers to perform a unique needs assessment on each manuscript so that every project gets the attention and level of editing that it needs—and deserves.

reflections voiceseditorial project management
Some projects—such as contributed titles or series—can grow unwieldy, requiring a lot of time, communication, and management. Kelli works with in-house editors, production managers, and publishers to bring such projects to fruition in a timely manner.

ghostwritingcritical selling
Some would-be authors have a great idea but not enough time to craft a publishable manuscript. Kelli works with authors and publishers to develop book proposals and manuscripts from scratch, via original writing, interviews, and research. Kelli works closely with clients to develop an individualized needs assessment for each idea, project, and manuscript in order to get it ready for publication.

fact-checkingHughes Wandering Investor
Proper names, correct attributions, precise wording of quotes and quoted material, correct sums and figures—all of these need to be correct in your manuscript, whether a short article or a full book manuscript. Thorough editors will do some fact-checking as part of the editorial process, but sometimes a more in-depth fact-checking mission is called for. That requires reviewing source material, transcripts, and notes as well as conducting research, verifying claims, and flagging imprecise or misleading phrasing. When the facts matter, Kelli can help ensure your copy is clean and correct.

literary representationnot-dead-yet-1
Over the years, Kelli has worked with scores of authors and publishers to bring hundreds of successful books to publication. As a literary agent, Kelli takes on a few select clients each year, working on projects she really loves, helping authors find the right publisher, negotiating publishing contracts, and shepherding them through the entire publication process—from concept to publication to marketing. With an extensive network of contacts with publishers in Boston, Chicago, London, New York, San Francisco, and other publishing hubs, Kelli is uniquely positioned to represent authors in a variety of fiction genres and nonfiction subjects. That’s a lot of genres and subjects, but Kelli will be the first to tell you that some areas—such as YA fiction, children’s books, and genre fiction (e.g., Christian fiction, sci fi, romance, dystopian fantasy)—are outside her primary areas of interest and therefore unlikely to appeal to her.

wimmer green energymanuscript critique & analysis
If your manuscript is not quite ready for the world to see, but you’re looking for some insight into what works and what doesn’t, Kelli can provide an in-depth manuscript critique. This involves no editing; instead, a manuscript critique serves as a kind of barometer, helping authors identify strong points and weak points. Fiction critiques focus on such issues as character development; plot development and narrative arc; and language and dialogue. Nonfiction critiques examine such areas as organization and structure; tone and voice; and accessibility and utility.

Kettering Foundationpublishing consultation
Sometimes you’re not exactly sure what your next steps should be with your book idea, your manuscript, your publishing plan, or your writing goals. Kelli works with individuals, associations, foundations, organizations, and all sorts of folks and groups with literary aspirations to help them prepare for their next steps when it comes to publishing books, white papers, pamphlets, and other literary collateral that will help them meet their goals.

graham schoolspeaking/workshops/coaching/teaching
Perhaps your writers group is looking for some inspiration. Perhaps you’re one of a group of freelance editors searching for speakers. Perhaps you and your literary colleagues could benefit from some industry insight. A popular speaker, Kelli has presented in front of audiences large and small for such organizations as Chicago Book Expo, Chicago Women in Publishing, Chicago Writers Conference, Editorial Freelancers Association, University of Chicago, etc. Kelli can work with you to customize a workshop, lecture, or coaching session designed to educate and inspire you and your colleagues.


Kelli does not perform “sample edits”
(aka “work for free” or “work on spec”),
but she does provide free estimates that detail scope of work, level of editing, timing and scheduling, fees, etc.
Here’s a great explanation.

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