“For those looking for an editor to help them with your book, go no further! Kelli Christiansen is the best. I can attest. She made my book, The Battle to Do Good, four-fold better. Highly recommend.”
Bob Langert, author, The Battle to Do Good

I really loved Kelli as an instructor. She was really engaging and she made the online format seem very much like an in-person course. She was really funny and likable, as well as knowledgeable.”
—student feedback from “Essentials of Grammar for Professionals,” University of Chicago Graham School Editing Certificate program

“I met with the author yesterday to help her resolve the remaining issues in the manuscript. I’ll bet she said fifteen times in an hour and a half, ‘This is the best copyedit I’ve ever seen! or ‘She is amazing! or some variation on that theme. So thank you for being great.”
Tim Brandhorst, literary attorney

“Thanks for the great seminar last night! We really appreciate all your help, and you did such an amazing job!
Lisa Malvin, University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies

fit matters“From the beginning we were graced with the faith and optimism of our amazing agent, Kelli Christiansen. … You are so good and what you do, and we have benefited hugely from your wisdom.”
Moe Carrick and Cammie Dunaway, authors, Fit Matters

Your work is truly first class and your zeal, expertise, and insight were paramount in bringing this book to life. We can’t thank you enough for the countless hours you invested with us.”
Nick Kane and Justin Zappulla, authors, Critical Selling

“… the authors that Kelli has brought into our publishing stable have raved about her skills as a book developer, and several have told me that she is the best editor they have ever worked with. I would recommend Kelli in a heartbeat to anyone in need of manuscript development or acquisitions.”
John Tintera, VP, Sales & Publicity at Osprey Group/Duncan Baird Publishers

kush-rice-paddy-navy-chinaKelli made writing my first book a breeze. She kept me excited about the project while keeping me on task. She is an excellent editor to boot. She can transform a sentence from vague to concise just by choosing the right preposition.”
Linda Kush, author, The Rice Paddy Navy

Kelli Christiansen’s work is marked by excellence, timeliness, and cooperation. She will go the extra mile when needed at crunch time. I look forward to her insights improving the next manuscript I bring in.”saliba bloomberg wiley
—Stephen Isaacs, Editor at Large, Bloomberg Press

Kelli is a phenomenal writer to work with. Her timely, courteous, and always professional style make working together fun and productive. She is one of my best and most efficient writers and never misses a deadline. Whenever Kelli has an assignment due, I know I’ll be reading eloquent, thoughtful, and high-quality work, no matter what the topic.”
Tyler M. Renaghan, Associate Producer, SideStep Inc./Kayak

“Thank you for being such a terrific editor. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you!”
Wes Anson, author, The Intangible Assets Handbook and Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation

“I just got my copies of the book yesterday and I want to thank you again. They look excellent, esteemed editor. It was great working with you. I’m having separation anxiety!”
Tom Downey, author, The Standard & Poor’s Guide to Personal Finance

lajouxYou are the best editor I have ever known—and this coming from a woman who has spent her entire life in publishing.”
Alexandra Reed Lajoux, author, The Art of M&A series

“Thanks for all the great help and guidance!
Michael J. Missal, Esq., co-author, The Securities Enforcement Manual, 2nd Edition

“I really appreciate your edits! This is one of the most helpful and thoughtful critiques I have ever received. I can’t thank you enough for your analysis. Thanks again for your tremendous work, and for all your help.”
Rachel Slotnick

“Kelli is more than exceptional—she was the true entity that allowed my book to get published. I write courses, teach, etc., but had little insight to book publishing (and I hate footnotes). She took hundreds of pages and rewrote and edited them to fit publishing guidelines. Dedicated, personable, understanding—I cannot say enough about her talents.”
E. F. Moody, PhD, MSFP, MBA, LLB, BSCE