Fun With Grammar (COVID-19 Edition)

Greetings, all you stay-at-homers who are looking for ways to engage your children and students.

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to have children of my own, I have plenty of friends who are, shall we say, challenged these days, The Strangest Spring Ever, to balance working from home with educating from home with engaging their children with putting food on the table with shopping for essentials and all the other stuff that comes with self-quarantining.

I also remember, geeky child that I was, enjoying the various workbooks my mother would bring home every few weeks during summer breaks. I would devour the pages in each one, working furiously on spelling, grammar, punctuation, math, and probably not science.

With that, I’ve created a few worksheets that might keep younger children engaged for—oh, say—at least a few minutes. These cover conjunctions, homonyms, numerals, and prepositions. I hope to provide additional sheets in the coming days and weeks.

I’ve been teaching “Essentials of Grammar for Professionals” for the University of Chicago Graham School’s Editing Certificate Program for about two years. Funnily (not funny?) enough, plenty of adults stumble over various issues with conjunctions, homonyms, numerals, and prepositions. I’ve provided an answer key at the bottom of each page so you can check your child’s work (Or your own. Are you brave enough to challenge yourself on some grammar points?).

I am not, it should be noted, a K–5 teacher. Not having children myself, I would guess these worksheets would be most appropriate for, say, students in second grade to maybe fifth grade. And, based on my experience as a U of C adjunct instructor, probably older kids and even adults can benefit from some grammar refreshers.

Feel free to share any or all of these worksheets with your friends and neighbors. I am gladly providing them gratis as but a tiny way to help during these strange days.

Enjoy! and Good luck!

May 3, 2020


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